Monday, February 28, 2011

Circular Frames QP

Circular Frames QP. Righto, this one's for those Scrapbookers out there.

I was thinking about the hassle of cutting out bitsy things, in particular the circular frames in the previous post. To save yourself time and lessen frustration you don't need to cut everything. You can just cut around approximately. To illustrate I mocked up this layout:

You can see the frames are just cut around the outlines leaving a bit of white space. Still looks cool.

Then I thought you might want something similar. So here it is.

In the digital scrapbooking world, this is called a Quick Page, or QP. Most of the stuff is on there, you just add your photos and journaling (words). You can add more stuff if you like.

To adapt to this Maori Printables blog, I've made the QP to fit an A4 page. Have a backing page or card. You just cut out the white circles, put your pics behind it and add what you want to write on the square white bits.

You could mount it on card as is for the wall, or use it as part of a regular sized layout.

You could then put it in a page protector and in a folder, or laminate it... or frame it....

Anyway have some fun with it.

Download Circular Frames QP
Password is 'darcy' (no apostrophes)


PS This post for Lynne, who requested more scrapbooking stuff. Thanks for the email! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Circular Frames

Circular Frames inspired by the koru (of course). For your scrapbooking or other projects.

If you want these already set out in a printable scrapbooking layout, go here.

Download Circular Frames
Password is 'koru'

Kowhaiwhai Colouring Page 3

Kowhaiwhai Colouring Page 3. Yep, you got it. More kowhaiwhai to colour from some sketches I did.

Download Kowhaiwhai Colouring Page 3
Password is 'rafter' (no apostrophes)

Kids Poster

Kids Poster, A4 size, bright and upbeat. Cheer up a wall or book or other somewhere.

Download Kids Poster
Password is 'poster' (no apostrophes)

If you want this in postcard size, here it is:  Kids Postcard

Aotearoa Postmarks

Aotearoa Postmarks. There are a few envelopes for download here, so here's a page of envelope decor. Postmarks to plaster over your envelopes, notes, letters and whatnot.

Download Aotearoa Postmarks
Password is 'postmark' (no apostrophes)

Blue Taiaha Envelope

Blue Taiaha Envelope. This has a watercolour and textured look with a taiaha along the left edge. For those manly bits and bobs in your projects.

Detail shown below.

Download Blue Taiaha Envelope
Password is 'taiaha' (no apostrophes)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Kowhaiwhai Colouring Page 2

Kowhaiwhai Colouring Page 2. More kowhaiwhai colouring for you today. Have fun with colours!

Download Kowhaiwhai Colouring Page 2
Password is 'rafter' (no apostrophes)

Kids Postcard

Kids Postcard, as promised previously.

You get two postcards that will go through the mail system. Don't forget to rule a line on the back about two-thirds of the way across for the address.

Write to someone today!
Download Kids Postcard
Password is 'post' (no apostrophes)

Marae Stickers

Marae Stickers today. Print on sticker paper, or cut and glue. (Cut and glue is what I do).

Sometimes in the downloads, you get wee motifs or images. I go on a bit about about using them as envelope seals or just to decorate plain envelopes. Like this:

Download Marae Stickers
Password is 'marae' (no apostrophes)

Koru Play Design

Koru Play Design. For the wall or anything else. Watercolour, bold.

Download Koru Play Design
Password is 'koru' (no apostrophes)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kowhaiwhai Colouring Page 1

Kowhaiwhai Colouring Page 1. Yesterday I drew some kowhaiwhai. Good colouring in practice! :)

Download Kowhaiwhai Colouring Page 1
Password is 'rafter' (no apostrophes)

Fern Postcard

Fern Postcard, as promised previously. Took this photo ages (years) ago, really loved it and never used it... till now.

You get two postcards that will go through the mail system. Don't forget to rule a line on the back about two-thirds of the way across for the address.

Pen a note to someone terrific!

Download Fern Postcard
Password is 'post' (no apostrophes)

Maori Paper Dolly

Maori Paper Dolly or desk dollies. Named mine Teina and Heirii.

You get two dolls in different sizes and four wee girls for decoration.

Download Maori Paper Dolly
Password is 'dolly' (no apostrophes)

Want the marae? Here 'tis: Marae Paper Toy

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Postcards to Come

It is a while since I sent my stuff through the postal system, so printed off a couple the other night, just to satisfy myself they'd go through.

I cut a manila folder to A4 size, because as usual, it was night when I wanted to make stuff and I couldn't go out and get any card. I like the natural tones of the card too. As you can see on the backs I just ruled a line about two-thirds of the way across for the address.

Pretty sad when a girl sends herself mail! :)

Things turned out ok, (though I don't know why they wouldn't), so I'll have these on here for you soon.


Maori Mini Envelopes to Print

Maori Mini Envelopes to Print. Cute and funky.

Download Maori Mini Envelopes to Print
Password is 'mini' (no apostrophes)

Want the cards to go with them? (The seals are in that download). Here they are: Maori Mini Cards to Print.


Maori Plushie Doll

Ok, I couldn't help it. Had to make a plushie (simple soft toy).

You Need:

* Maori Paper Doll pattern
* permanent pen
* cloth
* paints
* scissors
* needle
* thread
* fibre fill

Make the Doll:

* Download Maori Paper Doll pattern.
* Slip the pattern under the cloth and trace the doll with the permanent pen. Just approximately, will do. I like to re-purpose and was lucky enough to find a stack of cotton pillowslips for next to nicks at the junk shop.

* Colour the doll. I used acrylics and quite a bit of water, but there's nothing to say you can't use watercolours the same way, or pastels or crayons.

* Place the tracing over another piece of cloth and cut both out together. I used the outside line as a sewing guide, so cut just a little further out.

* Sew together leaving a space at the top of the head to stuff. The project was small, so I didn't bother getting the machine out and used a small backstitch. If I did get the machine out, I would've used a small zigzag stitch. You could sew the 'proper' way, with the painting to the inside, clipping curves, turn it out and finish that way.

Lightly stuff and sew up the gap.
I'm all for quick and easy, and when the ends fray, it should look quite cool. Meet Tia.


This doll only to be looked at. While this is a good project for kids, it would not be good for the kids if they chewed it.


Maori Paper Doll

Maori Paper Doll today. Colour it in. Use it as a card. Kids can use it to record personal info in it, for example, name, birthday, favourite colour, etc. Roughly cut smaller 'pages' to make a little book and staple inside doll.

(Not just) kids can make up a name for this doll and put details inside, for example hobbies, motto or family. I've named this one Rikiana.

It is joined at the left side of the hair so won't be very strong if paper is used. You might want to cut the pattern into separate pieces and staple at the top of the head to join.

Download Maori Paper Doll
Password 'doll'


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maori Mini Cards to Print

Maori Mini Cards to Print, this time. The cards (when closed) are ATC sized - two and a half inches by three and a half inches.

ATCs or Artist Trading Cards are small works of art that are traded (not usually for money) by anyone who wants to make them, through various online groups. The small format takes the 'cringe' (aka intimidation) out of the art concept, making it (originally) people's art for the people - small format can mean they can be quite quick to make. There is usually a theme or colour scheme to work with.

When I had a go at it, some years back, the USA had the most participants. I really loved the swaps I got from some of the UK players.

Anyway, these'll do for gift giving or just a small note to someone special. Rather funky and upbeat.

In this sheet you get two mini cards, and matching motifs to play around with. The motifs I've used as seals to close the backs of the envelopes, and to decorate other, plain envelopes. Each motif has 'Aroha' (love) written on it. The heart motif pretends to be a one cent stamp.

Download Maori Mini Cards to Print
Password is 'mini' (no apostrophes)

Want the envelopes? Here they are: Download Maori Mini Envelopes to Print

Happy crafting

Marae Paper Toy

Easy craft for the littlies (or not so littlies). A simple marae model. Two to a page. Maybe it's just time you thought you had your own marae...on your desk...

You Need

* scissors
* glue
* toilet roll inner

How To

* Cut out marae image
* Run a line of glue down the center back of the image
* Attatch to toilet roll

Bet all you teachers could think of things to do with these!

Download Marae Paper Toy
Password is 'marae' (no apostrophes)

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maori Frame

Maori Frame for photos or projects. Three to a page. Muted vintage colours, kowhaiwhai border, on a sack-type textured surface.

Download Maori Frame
Password is 'frame'

Maori Design to Print

Maori Design to Print for the wall or whatever. Was playing about with the koru motif one day.

Download Maori Design to Print
Password is 'manu'

Disc Gift Tags

Disc Gift Tags for your projects. A page of 12. Thread with string or ribbon.

Simple, clean style in easy to match colours.

Download Disc Gift Tags
Password is 'tags'

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maori Envelope #2 to Print

A matching envelope for the previous post's notepaper

A space for the address and sender.

Download Maori Envelope #2
Password is 'tuhi'

Maori Writing Paper

Maori Writing Paper for you this time (it's been a busy day!).

Blank notepaper A6 size (two to a page), there are guidelines on the printout as to where to trim them.
They look fine printed in black and white also for those with mono printers.

Download Maori Writing Paper
Password is 'tuhi'

Pen a note to someone you love!

PS: For lots more writing or note papers, see Maori Notepaper

How To Download PDF Files

You will need Adobe Reader
Follow the instructions to download.

To Get the Files

Click on the link for your printable download
Enter the password to unlock the file
Click Begin Download
Save to your machine if you want to keep the file for further use or
Open with Adobe Reader

To Use the Files

Locate the file on your computer (usually in downloads)
Double click to open
Go to "File" then "Save a Copy" if you didn't save the file to your machine earlier and wish to use it again later
Go to '"File" then "Print"

Well Done!
Happy Crafting

How To Make The Envelopes

*  Grab your printout. The envelope design might be slightly different to this one, but the principle is the same.
* Trim along the outer edges
* Fold along bold lines
* Fold bottom envelope flap to make a pocket
* Apply glue to side tabs
* Fold tabs to enclose bottom envelope flap
* Apply glue to the upper edge of the top envelope flap to seal or
* Seal with a sticker or other image

Well Done!
Happy Crafting!

Funky Borders 2

And borders again! Have fun with this lot!

Get your funky borders. Password is 'edge'
Happy Crafting :)

Hey Bro Sketch Revisited

Ok. The Bro in another post elsewhere is large. Maybe you want smaller ones to do those manly cards, invites or boys books, guy scrapbooking pages etc.

No, not Andy Warhol - just nice sometimes to have a choice.
Download the smaller Bros
Password is 'bro'
Have fun! :)

Hey Bro Sketch

Hey Bro!
You might want this. Or you might not. You never know with creative types. They want all kinds of stuff.

Sometimes I try and draw people. Here's a sketch of one of the Bros.

Drawing Tip:
If you draw a face and it doesn't look quite right, chop it in half. Often the face will look stronger. Peek a boo type thing. Sometimes it makes you look longer. And put a white dot in the eye. White dot = life.

Journal, school book covers, something for the wall, something for you to add your magic to.

Download Bro
Password is 'bro' (how original!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Maori Lined Notepaper to Print

Maori Lined Notepaper with the love theme. Quite romantic with a vintage feel. Two pages to a print out.

Maori Lined Notepaper to print
Password: 'notes'

Maori Tiles to Print

Sometimes you need just a small picture for an accent to your work. Something you can make into a stamp or mounted on to card and stuck onto something else for interest and dimension. Got some tiles for you today. Play about with them, use them for stickers, or whatever.

A set of 12 sticker things.
Maori Tiles to print
Password is 'tiles'

PS And a gorgeous Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Funky Maori Borders

More borders! Great for pages, notepaper, photo frames, laminated bookmarks.

Password for these babies is 'edge' (no apostrophes).
Funky Maori Borders
Happy Crafting :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Maori Gift Box to Colour

Ok, this is for if you wanted to colour your own. Funky box template sourced at Stampington.

* Fold along the dotted lines
* Cut out the notches
* Grab the two rounded pieces and slot the notches over
* Lightly bend the piece into shape

Too much!

What colour will your marae be? Matching marae and kowhaiwhai tags.
Password is 'gift'
Maori Gift Box to Colour

Have fun! :)

Maori Gift Box

Maori Gift Box made from a funky template at Stampington. Just too cute - had to have a go with it.

* Fold along the dotted lines
* Cut out the notches
* Grab the two rounded pieces and slot the notches over
* Lightly bend the piece into shape

Too much!

    Kowhaiwhai design in red on opposite sides and a wee marae on the others. Matching tags, tiny gift cards.

    Password is 'gift'
    Maori Gift Box

    Enjoy :)