Monday, February 28, 2011

Circular Frames QP

Circular Frames QP. Righto, this one's for those Scrapbookers out there.

I was thinking about the hassle of cutting out bitsy things, in particular the circular frames in the previous post. To save yourself time and lessen frustration you don't need to cut everything. You can just cut around approximately. To illustrate I mocked up this layout:

You can see the frames are just cut around the outlines leaving a bit of white space. Still looks cool.

Then I thought you might want something similar. So here it is.

In the digital scrapbooking world, this is called a Quick Page, or QP. Most of the stuff is on there, you just add your photos and journaling (words). You can add more stuff if you like.

To adapt to this Maori Printables blog, I've made the QP to fit an A4 page. Have a backing page or card. You just cut out the white circles, put your pics behind it and add what you want to write on the square white bits.

You could mount it on card as is for the wall, or use it as part of a regular sized layout.

You could then put it in a page protector and in a folder, or laminate it... or frame it....

Anyway have some fun with it.

Download Circular Frames QP
Password is 'darcy' (no apostrophes)


PS This post for Lynne, who requested more scrapbooking stuff. Thanks for the email! :)

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