Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maori Plushie Doll

Ok, I couldn't help it. Had to make a plushie (simple soft toy).

You Need:

* Maori Paper Doll pattern
* permanent pen
* cloth
* paints
* scissors
* needle
* thread
* fibre fill

Make the Doll:

* Download Maori Paper Doll pattern.
* Slip the pattern under the cloth and trace the doll with the permanent pen. Just approximately, will do. I like to re-purpose and was lucky enough to find a stack of cotton pillowslips for next to nicks at the junk shop.

* Colour the doll. I used acrylics and quite a bit of water, but there's nothing to say you can't use watercolours the same way, or pastels or crayons.

* Place the tracing over another piece of cloth and cut both out together. I used the outside line as a sewing guide, so cut just a little further out.

* Sew together leaving a space at the top of the head to stuff. The project was small, so I didn't bother getting the machine out and used a small backstitch. If I did get the machine out, I would've used a small zigzag stitch. You could sew the 'proper' way, with the painting to the inside, clipping curves, turn it out and finish that way.

Lightly stuff and sew up the gap.
I'm all for quick and easy, and when the ends fray, it should look quite cool. Meet Tia.


This doll only to be looked at. While this is a good project for kids, it would not be good for the kids if they chewed it.



  1. Toooooo cute. I'm not too good on the painting side but think I will give this a go. Thanks for another great design. Ciao

  2. Thank you Maree! You can leave them unpainted if you wish - nothing wrong with that! :)