Monday, March 21, 2011

Make Your Own Maori Pendants

Fashion your own taonga with bits and pieces around the house. Maori arts and crafts project. These are a lot quicker to make than you might imagine. Have a go!

You Need:
* Maori Pendant Shapes pattern
* Foam meat trays
* Old ballpoint pen
* Craft knife
* Acrylic paints
* String
* Big, blunt needle


Trace or copy your designs onto the back of the foam meat trays with the old ballpoint pen. Add designs to the pieces if you like.

Cut away the design with the craft knife. I found just pressing the craft blade quietly and slowly through the foam worked better for cutting curves. Foam doesn't like you trying to cut curves, so you've got to trick it. Remember Nail and String Art? - Getting curves from straight lines? That kind of thing applies here. Little, straight cuts. You'll get to know and get the hang of it with a bit of practice.

Paint the pendants. Just dab the paint on so little bits of black from the meat tray shows through - like pounamu. If you're mixing your paints - yellow and blue make green. You'll need quite a bit more yellow than blue. Using acrylics is cool, because they dry fast.

Thread with string. Cut your length of string. Knot the ends and thread the opposite end (which should be a loop) through the taonga with the needle. Pass the knotted ended through the loop, and there you go!

Well Done!!!

A mix of shapes here to work with including tiki, mere, toki and a dolphin.

Download Maori Pendant Shapes
Password is 'taonga' (no apostrohes)

Notes for Younger Children
Younger children can work with simpler shapes, like circles, ovals, oblongs. Kiddie scissors work well with the foam trays. Holes for threading can be made with a hole punch.

Happy Crafting!


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