Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mini Note Book

Make a Mini Note Book. Cool and cute wee notebook. Re-purposing, making something from next to nothing. You probably have most of the stuff you need around the house. Use for inspirational quotes, a birthday book....or secrets!

You Need:

* toilet roll
* black marker
* paints or other to colour
* three A4 pages (office paper does very nicely)
* scissors
* string
* big old blunt needle

 How to Make the Mini Notebook

Squash the toilet roll flat and decorate. (Here is where the lessons about how to draw koru designs, comes in handy!).

Cut the toilet roll along one side.

How to Prepare the Mini Notebook Pages

Three A4 pages will yield 48 pages for your notebook, and is a nice number to fill your notebook. (Two pages yielding 32 pages looks a bit thin).

Fold paper in half and cut along the fold twice portrait-wise, then fold pages in half and nest  the pages together. Do this with each page or just do them altogether. (That's what I do). No need to be too fussy - little imperfections just add to the charm.

Trim pages to fit inside the notebook cover.

Make two notches along the fold line of the pages.

Grab your needle and string. Leaving a long end of string,  start from outside the cover, pushing the needle through the cover and through one of the triangles to the middle of the pages.

Thread through the other triangle from the middle of the pages through the cover to the outside of the notebook.

Go back through the triangles once more so there are two lengths of thread in the middle of the notebook.

Knot on the outside, then bring one end under the long thread on the outside of the notebook and knot again, for strength.

Tie the notebook shut, trim string ends and knot near the ends. These wee notebooks stand up really nicely, so you could display them if you wanted, they don't have to lie flat.

Happy Crafting!

The first lesson about making your own Koru Designs start here: How to Draw a Koru

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