Friday, April 22, 2011

Maori Mother's Day Goodies

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Easter! I'll have to go to the gym to work off those Easter Eggs - (yeah right).

Eek! Mum's Day on the horizon. Whatever shall we do? Never fear, ideas are here. Get out the scissors and glue and some regular office paper, construction paper or card.

This one's for the Mums, Nans, Godmothers, Aunties - any significant woman in your life. Mother's Day is on Sunday 8th May - so get busy!

Just mix and match images and greetings to make your own Mother's Day cards or crafts.

These were meant for  are only available in the Maori Printables Newsletter. But I haven't worked out the software yet and we ain't got time to waste, so they'll be available on the blog.

Here's what you'll get soon:

* One page of Mother's Day Greetings
* One page of Mother's Day Gift Tags
* One page of  'Mum' Teddy Images
* One page of Mother's Day Shapes
* A Mother's Day Card


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