Friday, April 8, 2011

Maori Poi Easter Eggs

Maori Poi Easter Eggs. How yummy and different are these? Quick and easy to make. Thought I'd better get this arts and crafts project done pronto because each time I go to the fridge, the Easter eggs mysteriously have reduced in number!

You Need:

* Easter Eggs (chocolate and marshmallow Yum!)
* Kowhaiwhai border strips
* Glue
* Small length of yarn in three colours
* Small piece of cardboard (approx 2 inches by half an inch)
* Cellophane or clear plastic
* String or rubberband

Making the Poi Cord:
Cut three lengths of different coloured yarn. (I used double knit - an arm-span in length was plenty for four finished poi).

Attach the middle of the yarn to the cardboard. The cardboard anchors the cord and keeps it falling out of the finished poi.

Put the colours together, that is in the case above, white with white, red with red, green with green, and plait until the cord is about three inches or so in length. (Three plait).

Tie a knot to finish the plait, and trim evenly to make a tassel.

Cover the egg with the cellophane, drawing the cellophane to the top of the egg, remembering to tuck the cardboard end of the cord beneath where you have gathered it at the top of the egg.

Secure the top of the cellophane near the top of the egg with a rubber band, or string (double knot).

Trim cellophane and string ends.

These look great in a small basket.

If using plain Easter Eggs (no foil covers), stick the kowhaiwhai border patterns on the outside of the cellophane. They look fine too.


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