Monday, April 11, 2011

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Paper Marae Model with Two Paper Dollies

Cut and fold where indicated on the download page. There is a suggested gluing order, but you don't need to follow that. I used PVA or craft glue, holding and resting between each stage for a couple of minutes or so before going onto the next glue stage. This helped the thing stay in shape. PVA worked better for me than a glue stick.

Choose whether or not to glue the paper dollies inside or outside of the marae. You might want to cut the windows out and along the top and down one side of the front door, so you can see them in there.

Maori Printables Newsletter

Subscribing to the newsletter will get you free stuff not available on the Maori Printables blog. The aim is to make a fun, club type of thing - we'll see how it grows and see how it goes!

At this stage, it is thought there will be a newsletter once a month-ish. If there's something special afoot there will be more.

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