Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maori Mini Notebook Cover

Maori Mini Notebook Cover. This notebook turned out  nice and sturdy just made from kitchen packaging (soup packet).

There's a place on the front for a title or your name.

On the download page you get a mini notebook cover and two endpapers.
Trim the cover and endpapers.

There are guidelines. Cut a piece of thin card to the measurements of the inner cover piece. Glue to cover and trim corners diagonally.

Fold and glue edges to the inside of the cover.

Glue endpapers to the inside of the cover, to make it tidy.

Add pages.  I used one and a half A4 photocopy pages. You might want to look through the Mini Note Book post to see how to prepare the pages, and attach them to the cover.

Well done! Finished.

This download is for the notebook on the left - Red Koru

My grandson uses these to do his stamping in.

Download Maori Mini Notebook Cover


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