Monday, July 4, 2011

Maori Mini Notebook Cover - Tiki Face

Maori Mini Notebook Cover - Tiki Face.These turned out better than I expected. Using kitchen packaging (card from soup packet) made these sturdy. Very cool for wee notes or (calligraphic) inspirational sayings or small drawings. A visiting five year old girl fell in love with these - so this would probably be a great gift for that age group.

A big shout out to subscribers to this blog! I didn't know how it would go when I started it - in February of this year I decided to 'thump it' so to speak, to see if this kind of thing was wanted. Thanks to you guys, it's still here. About 2,500 downloads so far! So thanks again! You guys rock!

Download the file.
Instructions are here.

This download is for the notebook on the right. Kowhaiwhai sides and tiki face in the middle, with a label space.

Download Maori Mini Notebook Cover - Tiki Face


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