Friday, July 29, 2011


A big 'Hi!' to Maree, a Kiwi teacher working in Jakarta using some Maori Printables to give her students a taste of NZ. Great stuff.

She's found a couple of glitches and kindly contacted me to give me the heads up. She's been unable to download stuff, so I've gone through and removed all passwords to the downloads.

Also she said she's been unable to comment on the posts. Well, I've adjusted a setting, hope that'll work - if not I'll have to think about changing the template. A bit annoying that, because I really like the template...and there I was thinking that you all were such a quiet lot.

I've also been tweaking code and honing down the categories to make it easier to search the blog, now that there are a reasonable number of posts on here...and played about with a Maori Printables favicon.

Don't forget, anything special you want to see, let me know.


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