Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Draw a Maori Doodle Kid

Have a go at this! I was showing someone how to draw doodle people then decided to do some Maori ones. That's how the Maori Doodle Kids came about. It's not hard to do. Follow along.

1.   Circle for the head and a couple of lines for the body
2.   Couple of lines for the waistband
3.   Scribble for the piupiu

4.  Add arms and legs. Lines with circles for hands and feet
5.  Add a face

6.  Decide if your doodle kid is a boy or girl
7.  Add hair

8.  For a boy, add a sash across the body
9.  For a girl add a line across the chest for a bodice

10.  Add details. A couple of lines across the piu piu. Zig zag on the sash for the boy
11.  Criss cross or hatch pattern on the bodice for the girl

These are okay as are, but if you like you can add tiaha, mere, patu, poi, tipare...

Well done!


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