Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ideas for Maori Christmas Discs

Ideas for Maori Christmas Discs

What are you talking about?

Cupcake Toppers

For your Christmas party. Print out and attach to toothpicks or skewers and pop into your cupcakes. You could have images on both sides of the sticks or just one side. Up to you!


Rewards or prizes for Christmas games. Easy peasy. Fold a piece of ribbon, cut a 'V' shape in the ends. Attach folded end to the back of the disc. Use them for decoration.


Decorate your party setting. Grab a squarish piece of tissue or paper and scrunch it up in the middle. Place a disc in the center.

Stick to cardboard or foam tray, make a hole in the top, add string and hang on the tree.
Gift tags.

These discs only available to newsletter subscribers which will be issued in November 2011.

Decided to make some of the stuff into ebooks so related stuff stays together. There are a quite a few downloads for Christmas...


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