Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Way to Wrap Candles

A Way to Wrap Candles.
Quick and easy.

Coming up soon-ish are some wraparounds  you could use for this project.

You Need:

Paper (approx A4)
Candles ($2 shop)


I printed out some red paper from the Maori Pages for Crafting download.

Fold the short edges under for a nice edge.

Fold paper in half and grab your candles.

Make a cut on each side of the candles as shown.

Tape edges together to hold candles firm.

Slip a bit of ribbon behind candles and tie a bow.

Add decoration to hide tape. This one from Holly and Cherry Clipart download.

Tuck paper sides under candles and wrap with cellophane. Scrunch top and tie with ribbon. This cellophane is a bag that had stickers in it.



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