Thursday, November 3, 2011

Candle Wraparounds

One of the Christmas downloads is a couple of pages of wraparounds. This post is for the Small Wraparound download. A quick easy gift that even the littlies can make.

Here's one way to use them...with candles. Candles are cool, cheap gifts. Snip, stick and you're done.

You Need:

candles or tealights (I got mine from the $2 shop)
Wraparounds download

Here the paper is under the tape


Print and cut the wraparounds
Trim to fit candles
Tape wraparound to candle or around the outside of a tealight

Other ways to Wrap:

Tape around paper only to position it

as a flag...

 Couple of bits of tape at the ends of paper.

or just winding  the paper around.

Just a small piece of tape where the paper joins.

Here they are in action.


PS I don't think you need telling, but candles should be used under supervision. Paper on candles should be removed before flame gets to them.

Alternative Method:
Older crafters: small images can be attached by 'priming' the image with wax.
'Paint' both sides of the image with melted wax.
Warm the back of a spoon with candle flame and apply the image by gently pressing image with hot spoon.
This way the image can stay on the candle.
Still... candles should be supervised (they may be naughty).


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