Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maori ChristmasTrees from Tags - Gift Ideas

November upon us already. As promised we'll swing into the Christmas stuff....first up...

Maori ChristmasTrees from Tags - Gift Ideas

Go grab the triangle tags. Cut 'em out and layer 'em onto foam (polystyrene) trays to make Maori Christmas trees for card toppers. Like this:

Just stick them onto cards:

 These will give a bit of dimension (POP) and a good activity for the little ones. Punch a hole in the top for Christmas ornaments and thread with anything 'stringy' to hang on the tree:

...or to use as a necklace or bracelet (little kids love stuff they can wear). You might need to resize them smaller for this.

Make friends with a handyman mum/dad/friend to cut shapes from chipboard for your kids to make keyrings:

Seal the pics with varnish. Need jump rings and keyrings for this one. (Again - size down)

(Teachers or anyone) I could just imagine a bunting made with the jump ring tags kids have made as a first Christmas activity. It could decorate the classroom while they make other stuff 'til you present your kids with a keyring to finish it off and take home.

More triangles here.


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