Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Maori Valentine Pop Up Cards

In response to a message from Kotahitanga Maori Playgroup asking if anything was going to pop up for Valentine's Day... we have, first up.... Simple Maori Valentine Pop Ups.

The wording 'e ipo' means 'darling'

Cool wee simple pop up cards, easy to make.

Cut out the basic card.

Fold the piece in half.

Finish cutting around the heart. Because the piece can get flimsy and weak when handling it, I've found this is the best, easiest and quickest way to assemble. Dab glue on the back of the heart near the top, so the heart sticks together.

Fold the patterned base towards the heart. Glue the patterned base onto the plain base. Fold the plain base in half to hide the pop up.

The middle piece of the download is the card base. There was only room for one on the'll need to cut two to make the cards on each download page. Just use the existing one as a template.

Download Maori Valentine Simple Pop Up – Purple

More Maori Valentine stuff coming up....stay tuned!


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