Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What You Want? - Giveway

I'd like to know what you guys want - because I'm nosey and thinking about extending Maori Printables. Please take the poll below. Finishes 29 November 2013.

For those that would like to leave a comment to elaborate will go into a random draw for this book:  
 Te Kawa o te Marae - A guide for all marae visitors by Wena Harawira.

Results first week of December 2013. Please have your say.

Some people have said they can't leave comments. Rubbish. Underneath this post (if you're on the home page) you'll see Posted by Mina (time) Next to that you'll see 'Comments' in blue.  Right now it says 'No comments'



What Kind of Maori Content Would You Like to See?

Fun workbooks for vocab0%
Maori World View concepts0%
Cultural Aspects0%
Other: (Please specify)0%


  1. What would really help me in my work are adult-appropriate resources to help my colleagues learn and retain te reo. Also a selection of karakia that adults can use i ngā hui; I for one always struggle to recall a karakia kai. Find it very hard to remember those. I think if they could be presented to me in a fun way I might remember them!

  2. Thanks katie :)

    Thanks for sharing what would be useful to you. Please email me with where to send the above book.

    M :)